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17 Interesting tips to beat your Lip Makeup Game

17 Interesting tips to beat your Lip Makeup Game

Hello Sprinkles!
As I received a lot of positive feedback on my blog post 15 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to improve Your Skills, I decided that I would continue sharing this type of series, but changing the focus on to Lips. So here is a list of 17 tips and hacks from how to correct your lip shape with lipstick, to how to avoid everyday problems with your lipstick application.
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4 primers I'm enjoying at the moment and review

4 Primers I'm enjoying at the moment

Hello Sprinkles,
A few weeks ago, one of my Everyday Makeup – Complete Step by Step Makeup Course students asked what type of primers I use under my foundation or BB Cream. In this post I would like to share with you my current favourite primers and a small review on them. Learn more...

15 easy eye makeup tips

15 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to improve Your Skills

Sometimes, Makeup scares us and we forget that its main purpose is to enhance our Beauty and not to overwrite it. Simple makeup tips can make the difference in our routine and can help us boost our game. Learn more...

Understand your skintone

Understand your skintone

When you decide to buy a foundation, you will take into consideration different factors such as texture, coverage, density, finish and so on, but in particular Learn more...

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Beauty Digital Marketing: #VALUE is the word

First Beauty focused Digital Marketing video. As anticipated 2 days ago on my instagram page, it all starts from here: #VALUE
Why? 1min and 36 secs of your time to know the answer. Make sure to subscribe to follow me in this new Beauty Digital Marketing journey.