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My latest makeup tutorials 2018

Soft Feminine Make up - Part3 Sparkling Lilac_EYES AND LIPS

Third Part of my Halo eye makeup look; a simple makeup tutorial with a pop a color.
This tutorial will be divided into 3 parts:
Part 1 shows foundation, contouring and highlighting
Part 2 shows eyebrows and a part of the eyes
Part 3 finishes the eyes and moves onto the lips

Soft Feminine Make up - Part2 Sparkling Lilac_HOW TO EYEBROWS and EYES

Second Part of my Halo eye makeup look; a simple makeup tutorial with a pop a color.
This tutorial will be divided into 3 parts:
Part 1 shows foundation, contouring and highlighting
Part 2 shows eyebrows and a part of the eyes
Part 3 finishes the eyes and moves onto the lips

Soft Feminine Make up - Part1 Sparkling Lilac_HOW TO APPLY FOUNDATION, CONCEALER and CONTOUR

First Part of my Halo eye makeup look; a simple makeup tutorial with a pop a color.
This tutorial will be divided into 3 parts:
Part 1 shows foundation, contouring and highlighting
Part 2 shows eyebrows and a part of the eyes
Part 3 finishes the eyes and moves onto the lips


Watch this Glam Wedding Guest makeup tutorial ideal for fall.
Through this video tutorial you will learn how to do makeup step by step.
Watch till the end to achieve this makeup look wearable for any formal occasion. We will go through a little bronzing to warm up our skin, following we will focus on the eyes enhancing them with a glitter eyeliner. I kept this tutorial simple and easy to follow so that you can be gorgeous with a little effort.

I FOLLOW: PONY SYNDROME makeup tutorial

Do you remember the I tried to follow a makeup tutorial trend? I decided to keep this trend up and to challenge myself, learning new techniques and makeup ideas.. so make sure to follow in order not to miss my upcoming videos!
For this step by step makeup tutorial, I followed the Korean celebrity makeup artist: Pony Syndrome.
The video I’m following is Pop Of Color Makeup 팝 오브 컬러 메이크업
In this full face makeup tutorial you will see me achieve a simple natural makeup with a pop of color and red glossy lips.

Simple and Quick SUMMER GLOW 2018

Summer is still here and we can’t get enough! Get ready to rock this quick and simple summer makeup featuring a lovely orange eyeshadow, PUMPKIN, from the JLO x Inglot summer collection. And if you want more glow be prepared to shine with the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Sangria Sunset. Follow this step-by-step eye makeup tutorial on how to achieve this soft and elegant look.


Second NYX cosmetics love you mochi eyeshadow palette! I thought it would be nice to do a wearable pastel makeup look. In this video I used my eyeshadow to create a wing eyeliner and lipstick as blush! Quick and easy steps to replicate for an everyday makeup look. As you will see in the video, the mochi eyeshadow palette contains only pastel eyeshadow colours. My favorite product in this video is the powder puff lippie! How cool is that puppy love colour!


Hey Cuties! Today’s tutorial is a Sexy Grunge Eye Makeup. The look is easy and quick to achieve, brown / red toned, ideal for who is starting with makeup and wants to attempt a smokey eye or for who is in a hurry, but wants to look fabulous and sexy. Don’t worry if you have hooded eyes, it will look great on you too! Make sure to follow my makeup tutorial and you will be ready to go. 


Hey Cuties! Hope you are all doing well. Here I am with a simple and yet glamourous golden eye makeup look. I think this makeup is ideal if you are looking for a simple makeup for party. It’s a very soft smoky eye and easy to recreate. A makeup that will look amazing on any eye colour. If you want you can add eyeliner and highlighter for a more dramatic effect!


Follow my step-by-step full-face wedding makeup tutorial. This bridal makeup features a gorgeous orange rose gold eye makeup easy to recreate. Furthermore, don’t miss tips and tricks learned from the Lipsticknick masterclass in London!!! Especially, don’t miss how to contour like a pro!

This wedding makeup look was requested by one of my followers for herself and for her bestie (the bride to be). I was so happy when she contacted me and at the same time so nervous! I’m satisfied about the result and I hope you will love it too. If you recreate my looks, send me pictures!!!! knowing that my tutorials are inspiring and recreated makes me full of joy.


Hello lovely ones, today’s look was inspired by a facechart created by a Korean makeupartist and beauty illustrator.
Her name is Dayoung Cheong and she works for Jung Saem Mool (a famous Korean MUA and enterpreneur).
I’m always so inspired by her work and looks, that I had to try and recreate one of them! Through the video you will see the facechart I was trying to recreate. Be aware that this is my recreation of the look as I have no idea what she used for the look.

Please do give her a follow on Instagram, you will not regret it: @cosmic_haze

Everyday EASY Makeup Look 2 in 1 video| FrankieFrancy

2 looks in 1 video!
This time I decided to show 2 different ways of using the same palette to create 2 Everyday Makeup looks. Easy and quick to achieve, Ideal if you are on a hurry and don’t have time to use many products and tools. The palette used is the too faced sweet peach, but if you don’t own it, don’t worry, we are using browns and peaches.


Are you ready for another spring makeup look?
Hello Gorgeous, I apologize for not posting lately, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been busy travelling around. Anyway I’m back on track again. Today I’m suggesting another simple spring look, easy to achieve and office wearable or if you prefer everyday suited without leaving shimmery eyeshadows away.
Without further ado on to the video!


Do you love glitter?

Hello Dears, today I wanted to share with you a makeup look I created with a pop of colour using the limecrime Venus II palette. I also added a touch of glitter, because why not?!
I’m really happy on how it turned out. What do you think?


Hi dears, spring is around the corner so I created this simple makeup look using some peachy colours. A wearable makeup that can you can wear everyday also for your office!


I joined the “I tried following a..” trend tutorial as well! The video I decided to follow is the HUDA BEAUTY: TOP REQUESTED! My Signature Look! | مكياجي اليومي المفضل!
Please look also at the original video at the following Link:
Disclaimer: As I didn’t own most of the products used in her tutorial, I used what I had that I thought would match hers (as a normal person would do 😊) All products were bought by me. All opinions stated are my own. 

Arab Inspired Makeup

Here is my version of Arab inspired makeup. A Dramatic look using the Prism palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The eye shape is elongated, the face is sculpted with a touch of highlighter. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Eyeshadow as Eyeliner Makeup KATHLEENLIGHTS x COLOURPOP

You own only black Eyeliner?! Don’t worry!!!! Transform your eyeshadow in eyeliner! With this makeup tutorial, I’ll show you how to create your own eyeliner. How cool is that? All your eyeshadow colors are potential eyeliners! Furthermore, you can see which technique I use to apply my eyeliner.

SUNMI (선미) “GASHINA” (가시나) Inspired Makeup

Did I ever tell you that I also listen to K-pop music? If you don’t listen to it, then you should! I’m also a fan of Korean makeup products and Korean skincare routine. Make sure to subscribe to see more.

This Makeup was inspired by Sunmi’s look in her song “Gashina”. I’m using mainly the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette and the main colors are pink and black.
Hope you enjoy it! Thumbs up for my small performance (beginning and end)!!!😉Let me know what you think, comment below!  


I bought these Korean Makeup products during last Black Friday from . Although, I’ve been using them everyday, for some reason I never recorded a tutorial! But it’s never too late and here I am! I love these products and can’t wait to do more Korean cosmetics brands tutorials and reviews on them. I bought Korean skincare products too! Would you like a review? Give it a like and comment below!

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