15 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to improve Your Skills

Eye makeup hacks you wished you knew sooner

15 easy eye makeup tips

Sometimes, Makeup scares us and we forget that its main purpose is to enhance our Beauty and not to overwrite it. Simple makeup tips can make the difference in our routine and can help us boost our game.

As I wish you to become more confident in applying your makeup and to overcome that fear, here is a list of 15 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to improve Your Skills!

In the following blog post I listed 15 best beauty hacks related to Eye Makeup that I encountered in my journey and that have been real game changers. I hope they will help you too.

Are you ready to read more about these life changing eye makeup tips? I can’t wait to share my experience with you so, let’s get started!

setting spray

1. Wet your brush for a more intense result
It’s just as simple as it sounds, for a more intense result you have 2 options, you can either wet your eyeshadow pan with a few drops of mixing media (do it at the angle of the pan, because your eyeshadow is going to become harder) or you can di rectly spray a mist on your brush to wet your eyeshadow. If you don’t have a mixing media or a spray, you can just wet your brush with water and dip it into your eyeshadow pan. 

2. Make your Eyeshadow stand out with a light base
To make your eyeshadow colour pop, make sure to apply a thin layer of a light toned primer (you can also opt for a white concealer or a cream eyeshadow) all over your eyelid. If you chose a concealer then, before applying your eyeshadow, dust a little of translucent powder. Now, you can apply your eyeshadow on top. The purpose of the translucent powder is to prevent the concealer from creasing and help your eyeshadow blend. The light base will intensify your eyeshadow shade. 
If you have an oily lid, avoid concealer and select a primer that doesn't move around.

3. Use your contour shade as an eyeshadow
Even here you have 2 options. The first one is to use your contouring shade to outline your eye crease and go for a natural day makeup look. The second option is to use your contouring shade as the last eyeshadow blend on your eyes to pull together your makeup look and match your whole face. 

4. Curl your lashes faster
Using your hairdryer, heat your eyelash curler. After cooling it down a few seconds, use it as you normally would. The curl will be set and last longer. 

5. Volume your lashes
Without spending money on expensive lash pumping mascaras, use translucent powder.
Dust some powder on your lashes and coat mascara on top. Your lashes will look fuller and voluminous. 

Curl Your Lashes Faster
apply eyeliner with open eyes

6. Apply eyeliner with your eyes open
Especially if you have a fold on your eyelid or hooded eyes, when applying your eyeliner, remember to keep them open. Applying your eyeliner with your eyes open will help you visualize how long you need to extend that wing and the shape you need to create in order to give the illusion of a straight line. Don’t worry about your eyeliner shape when your eyes are closed. 

7. Turn your eyeliner pencil into gel
Using a lighter, place the tip of your eyeliner pencil over the flame for one second. Wait to cool it down and then apply as usual. The tip will be softer and your eyeliner will last longer. 

8. Use a Q tip to get a straight wing 
I saw this on a Charlotte Tilbury Makeup tutorial and I’ve been using it since then, especially if I’m in a hurry. When doing your eyeliner, use the plastic stick of a Q tip as a guide to draw your wing. It’s hygienic easily found at home. 

9. Correct your eyeliner like a pro
Use your liquid eyeliner as usual, but don’t worry if you can’t achieve that straight perfect line along your lid. Apply an eyeshadow of the same colour to smoke that liner and to soften uneven edges. Many makeup artists use this trick when they don’t have a steady hand or when they want a smoked eyeliner effect. 

10. A smokey line without eyeshadow
If you love a more grunge makeup look, an easy way to achieve a smokey liner without using eyeshadow is to apply mascara and then smudge it between your lashes with a pencil brush before it dries. You will love this especially if you are in a hurry or if you are travelling and you can’t bring a lot a makeup. 

11. Eyeshadow as eyeliner 
You really love that eyeshadow shade and you wish you had an eyeliner of the same colour, no need! Use water or a setting spray or a mixing media on the angle of the eyeshadow pan. Once your eyeshadow is dense enough you can use it as eyeliner.  

12. Bigger eyes
To make your eyes look bigger and to look more awake (especially if you had a night out 😉) use a butter colored eye pencil on your inner rim. Some makeup artists used to suggest a white pencil liner, but the result is too cold and unnatural, while a butter colored pencil will give you the desired result keeping it natural. 

butter pencil liner for bigger eyes

13. Bigger eyes with mascara
When applying your mascara, instead of sweeping it upwards, do it towards your nose so that your lashes will look fuller and it will make your eyes look bigger. 

14. Cut crease? Look up!
Your eyes are hooded and you don’t know how high you need to draw that cut crease line for it to be seen. Apply a small amount of concealer on the middle of the lid and then look up. The concealer will transfer from the lid to the crease, to the exact point where the cut crease will be seen and it will help you avoid eyeshadow transfer. 

15. Avoid waterline transfer 
Every time you apply a pencil liner on your waterline, it melts transferring to your under eye? You just need to set it with an eyeshadow of the same colour. 

Hope you enjoyed these 15 makeup life hacks and that you will try some them.

Thank you for reading.


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