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Beauty Digital Marketing: #VALUE is the word

First Beauty focused Digital Marketing video. As anticipated 2 days ago on my instagram page, it all starts from here: #VALUE
Why? 1min and 36 secs of your time to know the answer. Make sure to subscribe to follow me in this new Beauty Digital Marketing journey.

✈Travel Beauty Series✈: Inside my Travel Beauty Case (Checked Baggage)

As highly requested, please welcome my first Travel Beauty Series video!👏
In this video, I will take you through my Makeup Beauty Case that I brought with me to my last trip to Maldives.
Watch to find out what to take with you on a high humidity trip and how to smart pack your beauty case.
Through the video I will also suggest some products and tricks to take with you on your next trip.
What's a must for your travel makeup bag?

Gold Smokey Cut Crease

Hello Sunshines,
so I created this makeup look some days ago with the rose gilded palette from mac cosmetics.
I wanted to do an intermediate Glam Makeup look, so I went after a gold half cut crease.
BTW how stunning is that gold with green reflex!!! Totally obsessed with it.
I'm planning on a more beginner friendly makeup with the same palette... or maybe the same makeup.. but for beginners?
Let me know in the comments below!
Love ya!

Clean Brushes with Sigma Express SPA Mat

Hello everyone,
I’ve been asked many times how I keep my brushes clean, so here is a video showing how I wash them using my Sigma Express SPA Brush Cleansing Mat.
The brush soap used in the video was made by me and it’s a mixture of water, shampoo, dish soap, alcohol and conditioner. Of course you can buy a specific brush cleansing soap, but I like doing my own.
As soon as the new blog layout will be up, then I will share things in more detail. In the meantime, happy Watching! 

Morning Skincare routine over 30

Sorry, if I've been missing lately! I'm renewing my website and designing a new logo!
In the meantime I wanted to share with you my “morning skincare routine” used today.
It's not a classic fancy and fully edited youtube video, but I hope you will enjoy watching it as it's real, a real life person doing a beauty related video (like how youtube was in the old days, but in better quality ;) ). 

Peachy VALENTINE Makeup 2019

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? If not follow me on this step by step makeup tutorial on how to achieve this simple yet glamourous Peachy Valentine’s Makeup look. Be prepared to Sparkle!
We will also go though cream contouring and wear long spidery lashes. Make sure to tag me in any photos you take on instagram or twitter! 

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